In part, this website is dedicated to documenting the past, but more importantly, it's about the future.

When the Lost Bus originated, the path was unforeseen and the concept untested.  Could the dream be sustainable?  Would people support such a far-fetched and unconventional idea?  What could have ended as a short-lived road trip endured and evolved in to a lifestyle.  The concept is a winning equation that benefits everyone involved.  It brings out the best in people, promoting service and community while inspiring a "ripple" effect of positivity.  

Our dream is to keep crews on the road; venturing the country to lend their services, while simultaneously being transformed by their encounter with America.  We dream of becoming a non-profit organization and continuing to expand.  So far, there have been four separate Lost Bus crews and we dream for dozens more. We envision a fleet of "LOST" buses and many, many more participants. This means more volunteer hours dedicated, more relationships built and more perspectives changed! This dream won't fade and we are desperate to keep the wheels rolling.

If you believe in the dream, there are plenty of ways to get involved: