When the original crew founded The Lost Bus, they didn't know whether their dream would be sustainable.  Would it fizzle out or catch fire?  Their time on the road quickly proved the L.O.S.T. concept would not only endure, but flourish.  America opened her arms with hospitality and demonstrated that as long as there are crew members willing to embark on the journey, there will be people to enthusiastically embrace the vision and keep the wheels turning.  So far, three crews have ventured out on their own incredible Lost Bus tours.  When the bus is on the road, it's a good thing for everyone involved, everybody wins.  We hope the dream continues to roll on and perpetuate through new crews well into the future!


(A FOURTH CREW IS EMbarking on A TOUR, you can find them here!)

Chad Deters.jpg

Chad Deters

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Derek evenhouse

ben tucker

grant bouwer

Justin smit

kyle venhousen


Alex brown

Jordan dekker

john wilson


Blake Dudley



Brannon morrison