When the original crew founded The Lost Bus, they didn't know whether their dream would be sustainable.  Would it fizzle out or catch fire?  Their time on the road quickly proved the L.O.S.T. concept would not only endure, but flourish.  America opened her arms with hospitality and demonstrated that as long as there are crew members willing to embark on the journey, there will be people to enthusiastically embrace the vision and keep the wheels turning.  So far, four crews have ventured out on their own incredible Lost Bus tours.  When the bus is on the road, it's a good thing for everyone involved, everybody wins.  We hope the dream continues to roll on and perpetuate through new crews well into the future!


(A fifth CREW IS EMbarking on A TOUR, stay tuned!)

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Chad ellens

Lost Bus people! My name is Chad Ellens and I am originally from Orland Hills, IL. Growing up I was a very on-the-go child and my life consisted of skinned knees, dirty feet, and endless adventures. School was the worst and summer meant freedom. I’ve always loved the outdoors and traveling with my close friends and family. Throughout middle school and high school I developed a love for running and helping others—both of which came from my parents. My dad was a runner in college and both of my parents modeled for me an ‘others-centered’ life. This has led me to pursue a career in nursing at Indiana Wesleyan University, where I have been able to grow exponentially in my passions and run on the track team. Surrounding all of this was my faith in God. Looking back, I have caught just a glimpse of how great He is and how He is always leading me. Life has definitely had difficult times, but God is always greater. Recently I have felt called to take a step of faith and spend this summer aboard The LOST Bus, with two of my close friends, Aaron and Brett. I hope to continue the mission of the Bus by combining my gifts and faith to serve others. This summer I look forward to broadening my perspectives, meeting and serving new people, and learning a new dependence and awe for God.



I am a Junior at Indiana Wesleyan University studying Saxophone Performance and Economics. Originally from a Northwestern suburb of Chicago called Crystal Lake, I came to IWU looking for an education rich in academics, art, and a Christ-centeredness life-style. The past two summers, I have worked diligently in offices, gardens, and construction sights so that I could have the opportunity to attend this University. Chad, my good friend, invited me to join him on the LOST Bus last winter. As I thought and prayed about this opportunity and whether I should join, two words held me back. Responsibility and finances caused me to believe that this trip was impossible for me, yet God was showing me otherwise. I told God that these two words would have to be nullified before joining. Since then, finances for school have been resolved by God’s miraculous grace and provision. Next, the Lord answered me through telling me about the responsibility I have unto Him before any other. I have a responsibility to go to the hungry, thirsty, stranger, naked, sick, and the least of these. The Lord reminded me of the importance of not only speaking my faith but living it out. Therefore, my conscience is convicted to join these brothers on the LOST Bus to serve, minister, and learn dependence on my God.

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Brett Rider

What’s up LOST bus supporters, my name is Brett Rider and I am from Crystal Lake Illinois. I have grown up in this suburb of Chicago my entire life. I am someone who has always had a passion for helping others and connecting with those around me. I am currently pursuing a Social Work degree at Indiana Wesleyan University. While at IWU I have come to know Chad and Aaron quite well. Within the three years I have spent at IWU my passion for loving others and following the Lord has grown tremendously. I have learned to better listen to God’s voice and better understand the purpose of my life. As I made plans for this summer to work a job in Marion Indiana, where I had thought I would be living be away from home for the first time and making a good paying job, I soon found I was being called in a different direction. I quickly felt the Lord’s calling upon this summer for me to be shaped around serving people and stepping out in faith in ways that I have yet to do. I have full belief that this journey, that Chad, Aaron, and I will be going on will impact not only ourselves in many ways, but also so many people all throughout the United States. I plan to serve others and take advantage of all opportunities placed in front of us to love like Christ does. I have been grown and stretched immensely within these past three years since recommitting my life to the Lord, and I believe this trip will change me even more so, impacting me with lessons and memories to remember forever.

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Chad Deters

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Derek evenhouse

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