The Lost Bus volunteers for individual people, international Organizations and everything in between.  If variety is the spice of life, as some say, life on the Lost Bus is as spicy as it gets.

Lost Bus crewmembers focus their efforts on causes they’re passionate about.  Therefore, every journey has embraced a unique assortment of volunteer opportunities.  Many of our service projects have focused on environmental conservation, construction/restoration projects and various social issues.  When you commit to a lifestyle of service, every week offers a new opportunity and unique experiences.

Here's a sample the volunteering we do:

Camp Rainbow Gold: Hailey, Idaho

H.E.B Foundation Camp: Leakey, Texas

Wildlife Images: Grant's Pass, Oregon


Audubon Society: Santa Fe, New Mexico


Stewardship Partners: Snowqualmie, Washington

IMG_4975 copy.JPG

CRWRC: New Orleans, Louisiana

H.E.B. Foundation Camp: Leakey, TX

Wildlife Images: Grant's Pass, Oregon