If you or anyone you know seems like a good fit for the Lost Bus, we want to hear from you!  So far, four crews have ventured out aboard the Lost Bus, and we're actively seeking the next crew to keep the wheels turning and the dream alive.


write a great life story

discover your country

build relationships

inspire someone

Lend a hand

make a difference

My time aboard the Lost Bus broadened my horizons, transformed my perceptions and continually shattered stereotypes. I grew to value relationships and experiences over possessions. I learned to keep an open mind and value new opinions. Walking off the bus, I was more optimistic and hopeful, uplifted by the overwhelming goodness of strangers.
— Ben (Original Crew)

We are looking for crews of individuals eager to open themselves up to adventures and make a difference in people's lives. Three crew members is ideal, however all Lost Bus tours look a little different.  They're tailored to the interests, expertise, curiosities and passions of each particular crew while also adhering to the Lost Bus values of service and community.  The next chapter is yours to write, so give us a call, send us a message or just submit the application below.  We are eager to hear from you and can't wait to see what your journey has in store!


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